Disability INC.

Where I Wanna Be Thanks to Jose P

January 30, 2018

INCLUDEnyc's very own Jean Mizutani interviews Miguel Salazar about Jose P: A lawsuit filed and won in 1979 by a group of students that forced the Department of Education to follow laws that give all students with disabilities the right to evaluation, proper school placement, and services.

Miguel Salazar, M.A Philosophy of Education, NYU, School of Education, is a veteran Program Director of public education, lecturer, professor, former Impartial Hearing Officer and independent parent advocate. Following a stint as a NYC DOE Impartial Hearing Officer, Miguel joined Resources for Children with Special Needs (RCSN), now known as INCLUDEnyc, in 1987. He quickly became known as the NYC premiere non-attorney special education advocate, an unparalled reputation he enjoyed from 1990 until he retired from RCSN in 2011.